Bruce Alan Drago

Bruce Alan Drago AKA Fit Boss trained over 800,000 students in his career teaching MMA, Fitness, and Nutrition and the list is just getting bigger, he is considered by most an encyclopedia in the MMA Fitness world. Students ranging from the US military, city cops, and private security have trained with Bruce. Plus has produced amazing results in his client’s physic while showing them a healthy way of living

Home Boot Camp Workout

This high-intensity boot camp workout leads you through 10 Minute strength and cardio exercises designed to challenge your strength and endurance while burning lots of calories. The workout moves quickly, taking you from one exercise to the next with little or no rest. Take breaks when you need to, but try to keep your heart rate up. Many of these moves are advanced, so modify them whenever necessary to stay safe and avoid injury.

Creator & Certified MMAXOUT Instructor

MMAXOUT level 1

MMAXOUT level 2

MMAXOUT level 3

MMAXOUT level 4

MMAX Intense

MMAX Defense

Video Presentations (2004) Self-Defense Videos

Direct Video Productions

Video Production Company that produces the best talents for real-world survival
3 DVDs series on the basic skills of STREET Defense

Bond Forfeitures / National Surety Investigators Network (2003)
Skip Tracing
Surveillance methods and techniques
Getting the defendant into custody- safely
Use of force and survival skills training
Extradition and transporting defendants in your custody

Krav Maga – Israeli Military Certified (2002-2003)
Contact Combat
Self-defense Stress Training
Full Contact Fighting
Mind Set “Eliminate the Threat”

Certified CDT Tactical Master Instructor (1999-2002)
Law Enforcement
Family Protection
Executive Protection

ITG-International Training Group (1999)
Advance Work
Close Quarter Protection
Tactical Handgun
Principles of Protection
Basic and Advance Formations
Technical Surveillance Counter Maneuvers
Counter Intelligence
Explosive Search and Identification
Executive Protocol

Easy Defense Program (1999)
Adrenal Stress Conditioning
Conflict avoidance
De-escalation training

Personal Trainer (1990 to date)
Creator of Cardio Kickboxing
MMA, Boxing Coach, and Trainer of National Kickboxer
Trainer of Kickboxing, Body Sculpting, and Resistance Training

Weapons Expert in Disarms (1985 to date)

Use of Force Expert (1995 to date)
Stunning Techniques
Restraint Position
Obstacle Removal
Pain Tolerance
Ground Assault
Survival Mind Set
Pressure Points (Knock-outs)
Body Disruption

Professional Credits
CDT 2000 Manual
TRS Direct Videos
Nampa videos, magazines, and promotional ads
Featured on National and Local TV News
Featured in over 40 Local and Regional Newspapers
Master Instructor Of The Year Award
Undefeated in any Contact Sport

Styles Train & Certified

International Personal Trainer
Drago MMA Workouts
Freestyle Grappling 6th degree Black Belt
American Tae Kwon Do 5th degree Black Belt
American Kenpo 3rd-degree Black Belt
Tae Kwon Do 3rd degree Black Belt
Hapkido 2nd degree Black Belt
Aikido 1st degree Black Belt
Kickboxing & Boxing 15 years
Judo 5 years
JKD 1 year
Wrestling, Bare Knuckle Fighting, Street Fights, Full Contact Point Fighting,
Ju-Jitsu & MMA

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