1.) Google My Business is Free

There is a saying that ‘nothing beats a free resource.’ The free Google My Business tool is, therefore, an essential platform for all businesses. It doesn’t matter if your business is new already a firmly established entity; creating a profile with Google My Business is entirely free. You need not invest anything to get this tool.

Also, unlike other free platforms, Google My Business does not come with tiers and limitations. In other words, it doesn’t work on the freemium business model. Therefore, every business entity has equal access to the same tools.

This feature of Google My Business has an added advantage to competitive industries, in that a business can partner with a digital marketing agency. This agency can then help make your Google My Business profile be search engine optimized, as a result maximizing your business rankings in the search results. The agency can as well help your organization earn more exposure from the audience that you are targeting.

2.) Google My Business Helps Generate Leads

Statistics show a tremendous increase (more than 500%) in Google searches that contain the phrase ‘near me.’ This means that more people are now interested in finding businesses that are closer in distance, whether restaurants, movie theatres, appliance centers, furniture stores, among other businesses.

When people search for this business on Google, at most times, Google displays the profiles that are on Google My Business. Therefore, it is very crucial that a business creates and maintains a profile with this tool. Otherwise, potential clients will see and visit your competitor’s businesses, which will not be good for your business.

Google My Business tool, hence helps a business to earn new leads and generate additional sales. The tool is most efficient in facilitating the generation of leads, especially where a business optimizes and nurtures its profile, ensuring every information provided is up-to-date. The great importance of the Google My Business tool is evident from the high conversion rates of the local searches (80%).

3.) Google My Business Helps a Business’s Ranking in Search Results

Google is such an extensive site, hence, a business can easily get lost in the very long lists of search results. Google My Business tool helps a business become more visible on Google. Therefore, the business has higher chances to get noticed by customers, when this research on products and services in your industry line.

Since Google intends to always give users the best experience, both online and offline, it tries to provide the most relevant results on the search engine. Therefore, if a business has to maximize its ranking search results on Google My Business, it should optimize and maintain its profile. Such an activity would ensure a better ranking of the business in the search results as well as more clicks and visits. This is because Google My Business prioritizes the profiles with more information as well as more user engagements. With the complete picture of your organization, this tool will, therefore, make your profile rank top in the search results.

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